The Return of NFL Football

Drew Kirby, Sports Editor '23

On September 7th, the NFL will return for its 53rd season. Every team has added players to increase their chances in winning this year, but  fans can only assume under 10 of those teams have a real shot. The off season was nothing short of entertaining this year, and it is only going to get better from here on out. The 2021 NFL season could be a year for the history books. No one truly knows who is the front runners for this year’s Super Bowl, and we can only guess what will happen moving forward. 

This past year, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won their first championship with the help of NFL legend Tom Brady. The Bucs won 31-9 against upcoming super star Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs. There are a lot of great assembled teams in the NFL, and as stars like Brady and Aaron Rodgers get older, fans could witness a passing of the torch year to younger guys like Mahomes and Lamar Jackson. It feels like we are in the middle of a generation turn, and there are a lot of realistic odds of many teams winning, like the Bucs, Chiefs, Packers, Seahawks, Bills, Ravens, Titans, and even the hometown team San Francisco 49ers. 

Sean Galura, a fan at Vanden, explained, “The Niners do have a real chance this year at winning it all. A lot of people forgot about us only because we were really injured last year. The last time we were healthy, we went to the Super Bowl and barely lost. We drafted Trey Lance, which is great because we really do need a new Quarter back.” Galura also expalined the team is maturing at getting better every year

He also added that “If the Niners don’t win, I could also see the Titans making a deep run. They just added Julio Jones, and have the best wide receiver core in the league.” 

Contrasting his lasting faith in the Niners, Galura believes the Cardinals are “probably the most overrated team in the league.” He says it is due to the team’s old age.

With only a couple weeks left of the preseason, NFL fans all around the country are eyeing the 7th. With all the questions and unpredictability this season has to offer; all NFL conspirators can do is wait. Some fans have even tried to play fantasy football to pass time. 

Gabe Ponce, a football fan that attends Vanden, says he got the first pick in his fantasy league.  

“I picked CMC with the first pick because, well, why wouldn’t I? He is the Panther’s offense and he is the best running back in the league for sure.” 

Gavin Shubin says, “I had the 7th pick in my league. So, everyone I wanted before was taken. I decided to take Kelce because he’s the best tight end in the league. And with Mahomes throwing to him, he could get me a lot of points. 

Now that football is finally here, all that is left is to enjoy the season.