Vanden Welcomes Football Fans back for the First Home Game of the Season Since Lockdown

Miranda Perkins, Sports editor

August 27th is the day that the Vanden football team went back on the field for the first official home game since lockdown. After several months, the stands were finally filling up with energized fans ready to see the team steal the win for Vanden high school. 

 The JV game against Franklin started around 5:15pm and the varsity game against River City started at 7:30pm. The weather was hot accompanied by fall breezes which helped cool the stands down. With the air quality being 159 on the AQI scale, most sensitive groups were recommended to stay home. Still, the game’s turnout was high. 

Farrah Ahmad, a Vanden student that attended the game, is happy to be back but expresses her worries about being at the game.  She says that while students are neglecting to mask up, “there is no one going around and enforcing masks to be worn.” Ahmad says that despite this, “It’s exhilarating; there’s such a nostalgia being back.”  Now a junior, she remembers attending the game as a freshman and explains that it was “odd” being back and seeing all of the new underclassmen. 

The clock finally hit 5:15pm starting off the first game of the night. JV walked with confidence as they lined up for the kick off. The ball soared high into the air the clock started to move. Vanden played hard with many tackles being made by both teams. By the time the alarm sounded for halftime Vanden was up 24-0.  

Half time started and while everyone filled up on their concessions before lines got too long; the JV cheerleaders got set up for their halftime performance.  

Once the routine was in play, the crowd gathered to watch the cheerleaders jump, spin, and dance. Bug Followell, a student that watched the game, praised the squad.  they said that “they did a fantastic job out there” and that they are glad they get to perform again. With the halftime show ending, the main event resumed.  Both teams played with precision and persistence but the Vikings came out on top with an ending score of 24-0. After the JV game finished, some younger students started to head out of the stands, leaving more room for the older grades to watch Varsity.  

With the clock slowly turning to 7:30pm the sun began to descend. The stadium lights lit up the field and game against River City began. Excitement filled the stands as the varsity team slowly creeped behind their grand entrance, patiently waiting for the call to start their run onto the field. Once the call was made, all that could be seen was the flag soaring in the air around the players. For some family’s this was the first time they saw their child play in a real game. This caused many emotions in the crowd and help get the players ready for some action. 

The kick off starts and the crowds focus is on field. Vanden played hard scoring multiple tackles on River City made by Jamai East (11), Elijah Fisherman (22), Devin Martin (58), Abraham Sanders (50), and Robert Breed (7). The Croud cheers seeing all their favorite players launch, swerve, and jump through the field. In addition to great defense Vanden scored a few touchdowns by players Brayden Chavez (10), Amarion York (2), Cameron Fisherman (24), etc. 

Half-time finally came along allowing the show to begin. The cheerleaders get in form waiting patiently for their song to start. Soon the music flows through the air matching up with every movement the cheerleaders make. With the great performance coming to an end, a another one begins with Marching band making an appearance giving a wonderful show. In an instant half time was over and the game starts up again. 

The game continues as River City tries to get win against Vanden. While both teams playing hard Vanden still came out on top with an ending score of 49-0. Cheers from the crowd are echoed throughout the field and now the first home game of the year had finally come to an end. Fans lower their cheers while slowly move out of the stands leaving the field empty all over again.