5 Have to Try Activities For This Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is right around the corner. And with it, a week-long break for students at Vanden. For many, it seems like a perfect time to spend with friends, but what is there to do? Well to help motivate an answer, here are some ideas! 

Solano Turkey Trot 

Coming right around November 25th, Solano County’s Turkey trot is making rounds across their 10k, 5k, and 1 mile children’s run. Everyone is welcome to participate, so if you or your group of friends are up to break a sweat, sign up soon! Seeing as this year they are hosting a prize pool of $300, $200 and $100 to it’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively, it’ll make for one heart-pounding, sweat-inducing gathering. See more details at solanoturkeytrot.org or arrive at the Solano Community College (4000 Suisun Valley) no later than 8:30 in the morning.  

Paintball USA 

Ever wanted to feel the rush of a battlefield? Experience the adrenaline of running from tree to bush dodging bullets? Well, Paintball USA, based in Fairfield, has prepared several reservation times for a group of up to 12 to battle out in it’s outdoor paintball field. While it may not be the turkey-related event you would expect, it’ll make for a memorable experience. Prices vary depending on websites, ranging between $9.99  – $19.99 per person (including rented gear) (paintballusafields.com). 

Beat the Room 

Beat the Room, a story driven, real life, escape room experience has made its way to Vacaville. Containing several different rooms such as one labeled Prohibition, where “Your bootlegger gang is trying to secure a reliable booze supplier.” That goes wrong. Or The Plundering, “Set in the 1700’s on a dark and stormy night.” Where your group has to solve a mystery and escape whatever is haunting the ship. Either way,  reservations are being taken quickly! So grab a room while you still can and prepare for a night of mind bending proportions! Prices vary on settings, reservations start at $129.99 for 4 person groups (beattheroom.com). 

Vacaville Ice 

Vacaville Ice skating arena is an open ice skating park with a snack bar and full arcade packed together. Open to all, this local ice-rink is not only a place to drop by, but also a center for education in all things ice. Involving figure skating, to hockey, classes are available for reservations, with plenty of open spots this coming thanksgiving break. So if you’re willing, strap up and prepare for one cool experience. 

Yolo Ballooning 

Hot air balloons, the vibrant birds of a sun rise. Many can relate to seeing them, but few may ever ride them. So why miss out? Coming in at $275 per person, this once in a lifetime flight through the morning ether allows a max of 4 people to fly for an hour. Ending the experience with a celebratory toast within the nearby Turkovich Family Wine Tasting Room. Reservations are limited to Friday, Saturday, and Sundays (balloonyolo.com), so don’t miss out! 

From prize competing marathons, to hour long rides in the sky, this out of lockdown break is sure to put an end to the socially-starved, stress filled students this year!