Travis Scott’s Astroworld Concert Tragedy

What can be learned from this incident


Samantha Mitchell

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Tamia Reid, News Reporter '25

For what was supposed to be an energetic and entertaining night for 50,000 eager  Travis Scott  fans turned out to be a deadly experience. 10 lives were lost including a 9year old boy. Families are devastated, concert-goers are traumatized and people all over the world want to know, how did this happen and what can be done  to prevent a tragedy like this from happening again. 

Astroworld is an annual concert held by rapper Travis Scott. The 2021Houston Texas  Astroworld concert started at 9:30pm on November 5th. According to an article for Vulture, concert-goers knew   from the first song that the concert was getting dangerous. People were so compressed that there was no room for air since fans had started shoving their way up front. And because of the amount of people at the venue others weren’t able to escape.

Authorities state that under city fire codes the venue could hold up to 200,000 people but authorities limited the capacity to 50,000 for this concert. According to reports from Vulture 100,000 tickets went on sale. There is not an exact number of people who were at the concert that night because non ticket holders were able to breach the barricades. This alone is a huge problem.  The security was so loose that non-ticket holders were able to get in the venue.  The amount of security should have been taken into consideration for the amount of people that were there.

The fans were also a part of the problem. When  paramedic vehicles showed up to the site, fans blocked or danced on the vehicles. It is unknown if these particular fans knew what was happening but this small action caused a lot more chaos as the paramedics could not get to people in need and provide assistance. There is another video that circulated the internet of a young fan climbing onto where the camera crew was filming and screaming “there is someone dead” and “stop the show” repeatedly.

There are different ways to view the videos spreading throughout the media.  Some believe that Scott could see the people in need and could have safely stopped the show, while others argue that there was no way Scott was able to see what was going on during his performance. There was also a rumor about someone injecting people with drugs during the concert. It is not certain if this is true or not but a security officer who was going to grab someone claimed that he felt a prick in his neck and when he was examined he went unconscious. There is still a lot more information needed to determine if this is true or not. This once again shows how unorganized and chaotic this concert was. 

A stage with columns of flame shooting upwards at Astroworld
Photo Credit: (Erika Goldring)

Not only did this concert cost people’s lives it is now costing a $2 billion dollar lawsuit against Travis Scott, fellow performer Drake, Apple, and many others. Since concert-goer Kristian Paredes filed the lawsuit on November 8th, nearly 300 other people linked to the Astroworld concert have also joined in on this lawsuit. People are angry and devastated that a concert was put over their own or their loved ones’ safety. This tragedy has affected the industry and other artists as well. Music fans will see how performers react to this tragedy and learn from it. Freshman Angelo Griffin states that other artists should learn to get tighter security and try to look out for their crowd.  

The Travis Scott Astroworld concert has affected so many people’s lives and will continue to do so as more information and news come out. Many people blame Scott while others defend him. Freshman Alexander Rosso, a longtime Travis Scott fan, states that he doesn’t think it is all his fault and that his opinion on Scott doesn’t change. Camryn McFadden states that “It is Travis Scott and only Travis and his team’s fault. If you’re a celebrity you need to take situations with very deep precaution especially if you’re so well known because people are crazy and they take their excitement to the next level and that causes people to get hurt”. Overall this was a scary experience for all concert goers and for families who lost loved ones according  to an article for Rolling Stone . “This kind of thing is not supposed to happen. There were things that were supposed to be done that were not done.” states Billboard news reporter Bill Donahue.