From Wartime to Modern Day Medicine

Acknowledging women’s contributions throughout history

Makayla Dotson, Feature Co-Editor 24'

A tradition rooted in Sonoma, California created to showcase women and all that they do started what is now known as International Women’s Month. After years of suffering and striving for equality women were given the month of March to celebrate their in depth history

 When the first World War hit women were transitioned from their day to day lives to making bombs and military equipment to help further the war.  Marie Curie a polish scientist who studied radioactivity though radium is the reason modern day radiation for cancer exists. Women’s Findings and contributions to society have opened doors to new jobs in science and math today. 

Women’s roles in history always change but Over 245 years ago the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 and put into full effect. Women were still inferior in fact; the right for women to vote was placed in 1919 over 100 years later.

Women like Rosa Parks shaped the world by breaking rules to change unjust laws. Parks refused to give her seat to an Caucasian man and was then arrested. With her resistance a law was passed that made segregation on public transportation illegal. Susan B. Anthony also contributed to the change in laws. Anthony chose to vote in her hometown which was then illegal; Instead of paying the fine Anthony decided to present what was then the start of the 19th amendment.

“Vanden’s Soroptimist club is a community service club focusing on helping women in the community”, says Emma Abbate, the Soroptimist club president . The club establishes many events throughout the year for the betterment of women in the community. In March Soroptimist club has plans to work with Fairfield food sort and sort donations.