Zelensky’s Leadership against Russia

Julian Orozco, Reporter 2023

Zelensky is the president of Ukraine who’s recently stood up and has taken a stand against Russia. President Zelensky has caused his country and several more during this situation to take a stand against the conflict happening in Ukraine.. He also has stayed in the most war ridden areas of Ukraine and is putting his life on the line everyday. Zelensky has raised his country’s morale using his impactful speeches that have caused other countries to pitch in and help Ukraine. 

On February 4th 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine with 48,420 military vehicles that have caused mass destruction in Ukraine. Russia has begun to drop explosives on health facilities in Ukraine and other acts of terror on the innocent people. Zelensky has since then asked for the support of other countries, in a video posted by the Ukraine Embassy he said “ Russia is trying to defeat the freedom of all people in Europe… come to your squares, your streets… say that people matter, freedom matters, peace matters, Ukraine matters.”

Zelensky afterward helped rally his people and demonstrate acts of bravery that have caused people to form small militias to protect Ukraine. Ukraine National Security council has claimed that Zelensky has had assassination attempts and Zelensky’s presidential advisor has stated “Our foreign partners are talking about two or three attempts. I believe that there were more than a dozen such attempts,”. Thanks to the security Zelensky has been kept safe and alive during these attacks on him and his country. While Ukraine has been standing strong, Russia’s economy has gone into an abhorrent state and multiple protests have started in Russia with people wanting to end the war but end up with protesters getting arrested. 

Zelensky has been staying in his office in the Ukraine, in the city of Kyiv and has refused other countries assistance by escorting him out of Ukraine and would much rather prefer they send him weapons according to the Ukraine embassy on twitter. The Ukraine Embassy tweeted a quote from him stating “The fight is here; I need ammunition not a ride.”