Maci McCord— a High School Graduate


Photo credit: Maci McCord

Danali Hardwick, News Editor

After spending the past two years with free time during the pandemic, Maci McCord lived and learned life lessons to apply to herself. The future Louisiana State University student is graduating from Vanden High School on June 3rd, 2022— her journey through life as a woman has brought her new opportunities and morals.

McCord has a deep interest in literature. “I have always been into poetry,” says Mcord. “It’s like a stress reliever for me,” she says. The aquarius spends her free time relaxing by captivating herself in poems and taking refreshing naps.

After attending Vallejo Elementary School, Center Elementary School, and Golden West Middle School, Maci met her best friend, Kiki Patton, during their freshman year. Patton says, “none of us really remember how we became friends or started talking— it just happened.”

As well as being a poet, she is also known for having a fun time. “She doesn’t care who’s watching or who might judge,” says Patton. “Anything you do with Maci is going to be a good time.”

Through McCord’s high school experience she has learned time and time again to put herself first. “I went through a lot of stress and it kinda threatened my health in a way,” she states about her past obstacles, “I had to learn that sometimes you have to put your school aside just to take care of yourself.”