The Reality of Being a Woman During Times of War

Ukrainian soldiers

Deborah Martinez, News Reporter '26

Ukrainian soldiers

Since February 2014, Russia and Ukraine have been in an ongoing war. These events have been a real tragedy for Ukraine families. Many lives have been lost and many people injured. Brave souls have been fighting in the war and that includes women too. In fact, women volunteered to take part in this fight knowing they are putting their lives in crucial danger. In an NPR article about Ukraine Women, it was said that women were officially recognized as combat veterans with full military pensions. This says that women are up to par with the military. Women are getting recognition for their part in fighting. 

         In the article International Peace, it states “Hundreds of women and girls in Ukraine have become victims of sexual assault and torture committed by the Russian army, and reports have documented the increase use of rape as a weapon of war.” Being a women in a war as such, it is to our disadvantages because we are women. This shows the absolute dreadful truth women have to just by being a woman. 

Female soldiers in combat

       Mr. Fohrman, a world history teacher, views women in war as warriors. He explains how women have had a large impact on many wars in the past. Even as far back in world war 1, women may have not had a lot of access to be particularly in the war he says, but they would still help by coming to the front lines and making donuts while in the trenches. “Even if it’s just food right, it still represents something psychologically and metaphorically that pushed them further to continue the war” He describes how he feels about women in wars such as the Ukraine in one word, “absolutely” His view on women fighting in wars is, “just as other warriors”

     Ms. Lena White, a Vanden school library technician, who also happens to used to be in the military, discussed her experience of being a woman in combat. As a woman in the military, Ms. White feels says, “I guess it is a good thing all about men and women doing equal things in the military.” However, she also feels it is frowned upon that a lot of people think women are not emotionally capable of doing what a man can do. Her view on women who fought in wars such as the Ukraine is, “empowering.” Although she may not have been in the front lines, she explains that she felt the inequality and discrimination. “Men thought of us as weak.” Hearing “Women” and “War” together she believes is a powerful thing.