Violence in the Rap Game


Nipsey Hussle Artwork

Jack Lundquist, News reporter

Tupac, Biggie, Xxxtentacion, Pnb rock, King von, Nipsey hussle, Pop smoke ,Lil phat , D-boy, Mac Miller. All names that have passed in the rap game due to violence. Ten young aspiring super stars taking their music game to the next level but their lives being cut short before they could

Nine out of ten of those names listed before were shot and killed. Tupac died just driving in a car, Pop smoke died in his own house, Nipsey hussle died at his own store. What they were doing at time of death isn’t the reason for their death. It is often the things they do, wear, or say that would often result in the lives being taken from these young artists.

Rappers tend to show off by buying expensive clothes, big jewelry, nice cars making them a big target to someone with nothing. We saw this happen with Pop smoke. He posted on Instagram his Dior packages he got, and his address was on one of the packages, that same night young teens came to his house in attempts to rob him later leading to his death.

Pop Smoke – YouTube
King Von – YouTube
Pnb Rock – YouTube

The second problem we see with rappers is them thinking they are too “gangster” for security or protection. When out wearing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry you would think you would have security with you. This we saw with Pnb rock; he was out at breakfast wearing  expensive things with no security which resulted in him being robbed. This rocked the music world as it was yet another young loved artist gone too soon.