That’s How Cookies Crumbl: A Review

Andie Alford, '26 Features Reporter

Your sweet tooth has gotten worse lately and nothing else is working, what’s the next step? Crumbl Cookie is a good choice from one of multiple bakeries located around Vacaville, California. This chain bakery has been trending on social media, specifically TikTok, which drew in multiple customers and made them a go-to place for some good cookies. TikTok also caused these cookies to go viral, with many influencers taste testing and showing us their products. It’s crazy that the chain of Crumbl only started in 2017, in Utah, and now they are a booming business that grew incredibly fast. They have a fantastic base cookie topped off with rich and unique flavors.

At Crumbl Cookies, these impressive flavors change every week. According to their official website,, “Each week, our menu rotates to give you 6 deliciously gourmet flavors to experience.”
The cookies are also slightly famous for being gourmet cookies made from scratch. “Always fresh and delicious! The rotating flavors are amazing, but nothing can beat the classic chocolate chip cookie,” the company states on their website.
Vanden’s Journalism students participated in a taste test of some of the weekly cookie flavors, for the purpose of reviewing them. Students taste tested Chocolate Chip, Pink Doughnut, Brownie Batter, Maple Bacon, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Classic Pink Sugar.

The Maple Bacon Cookie
Maple Bacon was the first cookie sampled. On describes it as a fluffy buttermilk cookie swirled with thick maple frosting, a sprinkle of real crispy bacon bits, and a drizzle of maple syrup.
The Maple Bacon flavor comes up with mixed opinions, the majority of students had low expectations for the taste of the cookie. It seems like a very odd combination, and was very unique. Surprisingly, the class thought it tasted like a soft, sweet pancake. Vanden High Junior and Editor-in-Chief, Princess Faye Tabios, says, “A lot of people in our class were unsure about it, but ended up changing their minds because the bacon turned out to be more smoky than porky.” The average rating of this cookie came out to be a 7.3/10, a pretty decent cookie.

The Pink Donut Cookie

The Pink Doughnut Cookie has a small hole in the middle of it like an actual doughnut would. This one is a soft vanilla cookie topped with a pink glaze, and a splash of rainbow sprinkles. Although the students expected to really like it, it was nothing special. It didn’t come with the sprinkles as advertised either. The Pink Doughnut Cookie tastes just like any other regular sugar cookie. Really nice flavor with good presentation. However, it did not taste like a doughnut, but that is mostly because of the texture difference. Features reporter and freshman at our school, Brooklyn Holt claimed, “Really good. It just tastes like a frosted sugar cookie.” The Pink Doughnut cookie received an overall score of 7/10.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie
Next, we tried the standard Chocolate Chip Cookie, our thoughts reflected the name. It is highly basic, just like one you would buy from Walmart. It is thick, soft, and packed with milk chocolate chips. But then again, almost all chocolate chip cookies are as well. It was kind of underwhelming because of how standard it tastes. There’s not much else to say about this one, it’s very mid. This is rated a 5.9/10.

The Mint Chip Ice Cream Cookie
The Mint Chocolate Chip received a high rating compared to the other cookies and was ah-mazing! Very creamy and cool frosting, its flavor wasn’t too intense either. The cookie itself was the perfect pair with the frosting. It was like they copied and pasted mint chocolate chip ice cream onto a cookie and it worked out really well. Some members of Journalism even said they enjoyed it despite the fact that they don’t like mint in general. The presentation was cute as well, and a very nice texture mix. They paid attention to the small details that made it taste even better, like the faint coolness in it. To put it simply, sugar cookie with semi-sweet chips, smooth mint chip mousse, and an artful dollop of whipped cream. This one received an 8.5/10, one of the highest average scores.

The Brownie batter Cookie
Brownie Batter was another one of the most basic ones. We gave this one a 4.2. Tabios felt, “…like I should like it but it didn’t really offer any appealing flavor.” It actually just tasted like a regular brownie, to make it better you might expect some sea salt. There was no salt, it was like a chocolate brownie, very displeasing. Our group has said things like “tastes like batter,” “the advertising was better”, and that it was too hard for a cookie.
The taste testers were in agreement that they definitely wouldn’t pay more money for the Brownie Batter cookie or recommend it to anyone. It can be described as a thick treat crafted with chocolate, brownie batter, and semi-sweet chips. The chocolate is a little overwhelming, but if you are a big chocolate lover, this might be a great cookie for you.

The Pink Sugar Cookie
The last cookie that was taste tested is the classic Pink Sugar Cookie. The frosting on top does not taste like a sugar cookie, it tastes cherry flavored. It would be better if it just tasted like an actual sugar cookie. The cherry flavor threw everyone off, and not really in a good way. Deborah, a freshman at Vanden high school and a sports reporter for the Valhalla, only had one thing to say about this one, “Don’t like the cherry flavored frosting.” Many agreed with her, maybe it would have been better if that’s what the reviewers were expecting. It should be named “cherry flavored” sugar cookie or something similar. Online reviews of the Pink Sugar Cookie describe it as, a vanilla sugar cookie topped with a perfect pink swoop of real almond frosting. This is true, but they didn’t mention the taste of cherries. Maybe we had just gotten a bad batch of those. Although this one was odd, it came out to be a 5.5/10, because some believed the cherry flavor was good regardless. It is a good cookie, just very shocking or confusing when related to its name.

From left to right, top row to bottom row: Two Chocolate Chip Cookies, Two Pink Doughnut Cookies, Three Brownie Batter Cookies, One Maple Bacon Cookie, Two Mint Chocolate Cookies, and One Pink Sugar Cookie.

Crumbl Cookies flavors this week were a bit interesting, but pretty good altogether. There was a big shock with some of the flavors, but mostly in a good way. Crumbl makes really good cookies, and it’s nice how the flavors are always changing. So, it’s hard to get bored of them easily. Overall, the reviewers would recommend Crumbl to any cookie-lover at, or outside of Vanden High School.