The Fast and The Furious

Jack Lundquist News reporter ‘23

Jack Lundquist, Arts & Culture Reporter ‘23

Fast and Furious, a franchise consisting of 10 action packed movies Produced by Neal Mortiz grossing more than 6 billion dollars in total. Which is out living any student on this campus, a movie franchise  that has not only grown in popularity but has inspired many young people to love cars and make them look the best and be the fastest.

In the beginning of this series, we find a young Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) , a cop that has gone undercover in the street racing community to make an attempt of busting it all up and ending it for good. Running into Dominic Torreto (Vin Diesel) was the first big goal as he suspected him to be the leader or captain of these races and the one responsible for all the crime involved.

The series of movies do not follow in order of each other even though they are numbered. The movies have many of the same characters from start to end but M]many of the early movies such as the first and the second one are different. The second one doesn’t revolve around the original, despite being the same scene and same theme, it is not part 2. 

Going into the third movie we find O’connor  fully immersed in the race scene. It wasn’t fully clear in the series about Brian leaving the police force but we do not hear about it, Brian becomes the so-called “king” of the street scene in his area becoming known as one of the best drivers. This change in heart has put him now on the other side of the law where he is faced with hard decisions such as things that would possibly land him right in jail a place he used to be taking the same people. These acts consist of reckless driving, running from the cops, illegal street racing, speeding and so on.

The excitement and the adrenaline of watching someone driving fast going in and out of cars in a big flashy and loud race car, while running from the police, not knowing if they will escape, crash or get away, thrills the audience. Which is another reason the franchise is loved by so many and is still popular to this day.

Fast and Furious X(releasing May 19th), Has raised a lot of controversy and turned away a lot of the original viewers and movie lovers. The new movies consist of fighting, shooting, jumping out of planes, nothing in which the original ever intended. This upcoming release looks just like an action movie not a car scene movie like many were hoping for. One student (Raymond L.) complained that there is not enough racing involved in a racing movie. One of the actresses from the movie Lenny Ortiz was quoted saying “ one of us might not come back from this ,but we have to fight” which is something that would have never been said in a racing movie. It’s one of the reasons many people are questioning the franchise and if fast and furious is truly a car enthusiast perfect film.