Why are Horror Movies so Repetitive Now?

Raymond Lanzarin Features Reporter ‘23

Raymond Lanzarin, Arts and Culture Reporter ‘23

Horror is a genre that’s commonly depicted as one of the most popular and well liked out of all the genres. If this is the case, then why do they all start to feel the same after watching a lot of them? Noticing that most horror movies have similar plots and similar feelings when watching it makes viewers want to watch something new. 

Andrew Kirby, a senior at Vanden High school states, “I love watching horror movies and like to be scared but after a while the scariness just goes away because it all seems the same, you know.” This is just one of the many reviews that can be given about horror movies now and how people depict them 

After analyzing a couple of different horror movies, For example, Scream, Halloween, and Nightmare at elm street, they all had a similar plot which was a main antagonist who hunts and tries to kill the main protagonist. Not only is this predictable and a little boring to watch, it’s just bad writing. Of course that’s the base of most horror stories, but that’s the thing, what else could screenwriters produce? Diving deeper into research and films it’s easy to think that most movies just grab information and thoughts from other ones but watching the “scariest” movies like Insidious, Veronica, or the Conjuring  have different plots and different ways to scare viewers. One of the most memorable things a horror movie can produce is the element of a scare without using any jump scares. 

Overall, movies may seem repetitive but if viewers dive into the horror world more, they may find movies that interest them and do the job of giving a scare without overusing old tactics. Like Insidious, movies can use the element of suspense. There are millions of movies, so although the popular ones may seem to be getting repetitive, try to branch out and find new plots in movies.