Areas to Explore After School

Raymond Lanzarin, Arts & Culture Reporter

Everyone loves the idea of a summer vacation, but what about the seniors trying to get out and explore their new adulthood with friends, or maybe even themselves? Of course, not. Everyone is made out of money and can afford to do crazy things or insanely fancy spots. Although this may be the case, that doesn’t mean fun isn’t available or achievable. Obviously, there are spots around the world that are beautiful or worth spending your money on to go see. On the other hand, there are local, yet still very beautiful spots that are more affordable than touring around the world.


Traveling across the world may not be the easiest nor affordable option and a lot of people may not be able to do it at all. A great and fun spot to visit and explore is the whole city of San Francisco, but a specific area in San Francisco people enjoy looking at is Chinatown. Chinatown is a spot where you can enjoy the festivities and food of authentic Chinese culture. There are buildings to look at, shops, food, and more! Getting to see all the people and things decorated in a japanese style is really cool because of how different tourists are used to seeing at home. 

Chinatown is a great place to visit because it is inside of the city San Francisco. If you get done or tired of visiting China town, you have the whole city to explore. From the Bay waters with the cool breeze outside or going to a San Francisco Giants game for baseball. You can do so much in San Francisco it makes it seem like a whole different world all in one city. 

San Franciscan Picture of Chinatown. Credit: JrzyCat Photos

Academy of Science 

The front of the Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, California. Credit: Flickr.

 A great spot that is a good option is going to be the Academy of Science. The Academy of Science is located in San Francisco and features many different interesting, engaging exhibits. For adults the tickets are $40 for a day time pass which isn’t an insane number to pay. People may think that because it is a museum in a sense it may be boring, but they have lots of simulations visitors can experience to learn in a fun way.

The food choices down at the academy of science feature the cafe located inside of the academy. The cafe entails a couple good food options like soup, fresh pizza, mac n cheese, and a plant based taqueria station. The food comes with a price of course and knowing it’s a tourist area, it should be expected to be a little pricey but eating after a day of learning is always a good reward. 

The Grand Canyon 

Scene displaying the Grand Canyon, Arizona. Credit: United States Embassy in the United Kingdom.

The Grand Canyon is a very interesting, beautiful vacation to go in while being a very affordable vacation for people as well. It is located in the state of Arizona which fortunately, it’s very close to California.

According to a travelling news site called Travel Off Path, the Grand Canyon was voted the most affordable and best vacation to go to in the United States. A trip to the Grand Canyon would be a long one using a car, but it’s definitely do-able. It would take about 15 hours and 2 minutes to get there with a vehicle. Taking a plane would only take 1 hour and 26 minutes. The better option would be to just take the plane to save lots of time and wear on your car. 

So, beyond the ticket price for a Grand Canyon tour it’s going to be around $245 dollars. That is not including the food or housing that is necessary to stay over there. Keep in mind all the little shops and gift ideas you may find along the way.  And keep in mind that, also, it would take 5 hours to drive around the Grand Canyon. It’s huge! So you have lots to explore with that. For a full day tour, with a river ride on the water of the Grand Canyon, It’s going to be around $305. Either way, the Grand Canyon is definitely something that’s on peoples bucket list and for the price, it’s a great vacation. 

Photograph of Hermit’s Rest. Credit: Michael Quinn

The grand canyon has too many spots for one to visit in one trip but a specific spot that is very beautiful and has good views is the Hermits Rest. Hermits Rest is either accessible to walking the trail which takes an average of 3 hours and 40 minutes (The trail is considered challenging) or the shuttle, which takes about 80 minutes. Of course, the shuttle is the easier option to enjoy the view, but walking and hiking allows you to experience how big the canyon really is. The Hermits Rest is a rest spot designed for tourists to relax for a little while being able to enjoy the scenery around them.