Schools Find New Ways to Get Funding Without Seasonal Sport Events

Schools Find New Ways to Get Funding Without Seasonal Sport Events

As the new school year has started for Vanden High School, there are a lot of questions about how the school will be able to get funding without having sports games. The new guidelines have made it very difficult to be able to make money.  People are wondering how school will still make money while still having to social distance. But there are many promising ways to still make money for the school. The school’s ASB club has come up with a series of ideas for fundraisers to collect more income for school dances, spirit days, extracurricular activities, and any essentials the school may need.  

Sports is one of the main earnings in order to get money. The turn out for sport games used to be an easy source of income and because of that one could potentially suffer from that loss. According to sports editor Eric Kolenich, “One football or basketball game can represent 10% of the athletic department’s annual budget.”  This would in return make it able to pay for other sports and any equipment or jerseys the schools sports teams may need. Without this the school needs to come up with ideas that will not have us low on funds.

The Student Leadership Executives have come up with most of the fundraising ideas for their graduating class and student activities. If many of the students at Vanden High School participate in going to the fundraisers and the student activities the school will maintain a steady revenue. Many different high schools have come up with different ideas of fundraising and according to “Education World”  some of them include “the color run, which you run while getting bags of colored pigment thrown at you.” Also, different schools have started a recycling drive, “that helps pick up all the plastic and cans at school to sell and make money while having a clean environment.” 

Although the ASB is trying to make money through fundraisers there are still many hardships the school will eventually have to get through. From the government public schools get $97.2 billion in funding all together from the three sources of property taxes, the federal government, and any other local sources.

 With Covid-19 being around there are potential worries about losing money from these three funders. On the other hand the ASB teacher Mr. Marianno says, “There’s nothing to be worried about yet. But if the local economy continues to take a hit we will eventually be affected.” So, even though the economy could continue to fall there are still many ways for our school to get funding.

The school does have money saved from old fundraisers the ASB club has done. With this  Mr. Marianno “is still looking forward to the new fundraisers to help with school dances.” In other ways to get money, Vanden High School will be participating in their largest fundraisers for  this 2020/21 school year: Prom, Winter Ball, and ASB membership. Fundraisers keep the school world go ‘round.  With the financial support from these fundraisers, Vanden High School will be economically set even without sports events.