Wendy Breckon for City Council: How she will improve Vacaville

Wendy Breckon is running for City council and she isn’t stopping there.

The November City council Elections are approaching as the 12 candidates run the same race. Wendy Breckon, one of the 12, is running for City council in District one in Vacaville. District 1 represents Browns Valley area and Vaca Valley parkway. Breckon has promised the people that her top priority will be to protect and make the city of Vacaville a safe and friendly place. To maintain safe neighborhoods, advocate for Fiscal Responsibility, Finding solutions for homeless, promote responsive and open government, and support economic vitality. 

“I have the skills and passion to help improve the effectiveness of City Council decision-making. I am a founding member and Chair of the Vacaville Community Association, neighborhood representatives seeking transparency on budget and planning issues.” Breckon said.

Breckon has lived in Vacaville for 30 years, raising her daughter here and a husband who is a retired Contra Costa Deputy Sheriff and Veteran. She moved to Vacaville from the Bay Area and she understands the people’s voices from getting a job in the Bay Area or Sacramento is time consuming. Breckon also retired from the State of California working as an attorney. Breckon understands how residents of Vacaville want change in their city, and Breckon is prepared to make that commitment. 

“As a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother I understand the importance of a supportive community in our lives. My husband is a retired deputy sheriff and veteran.If elected, I will listen to all stakeholders, and ensure the City is accountable to residents’ needs.” Breckon says.

Her campaign is an eye opener to the community, but is a challenge when it comes to competing with 12 other candidates. “Listening is key.” says Breckon.

“When you are arguing about politics or policy issues, you may need to find common ground first before talking about differences. It is ok to have policy differences – this is what freedom of speech is about – we each have our own experiences and education, and come to our own conclusions.  It would be strange if there weren’t some disagreement.” 

Although the elections are coming soon, it’s important for Wendy Breckon to plan ahead if elected and to keep her promise as she helps citizens of Vacaville.

“I think I can help by advocating that the City Council reevaluate its priorities.  We need to determine how we can put community needs first. Due to the rising personnel costs in the City, there is less money available for things we all need.”