Teacher Forms Own Opinion about Distance Learning

One Teacher Makes the Most of Distance Learning

Makenzie Jacobs, Features Reporter '24


McLellans’ set-up for distance learning.


Often in articles read about distance learning parents or school board members are vocalizing their view. Teachers are rarely mentioned. Teacher had to make changes as well. Having to adapt to the new “normal.” Both their set-ups and home lives. What does the set-up look like for them? Are they having trouble adjusting?

New to teaching at Vanden High School, an algebra teacher also known as a mom of two boys and a loving wife. Mrs. McLellan adapts and adjusts to the new “normal” of online classes in 2020. Her mind filled with new ideas and hope for a new year. A hopeful and bright smile for what is to come of an interesting start to a new year.

McLellan states that the most difficult part of online schools is “balancing my Vanden classes along with my two sons, 7th grade Golden West and 2nd grade Holy Spirit, at the very same time.” Although there were some difficulties, it didn’t stop McLellan from keeping everything organized and ready to go. Keeping up with her own schedule as well as her children’s schedule, she has created a new agenda.

In order to stay on track, McLellan mentioned that “sticking with the pacing guide” of the pre-existing Vanden algebra teachers helped her. McLellan also takes advantage of schedules. She vocalizes that she has “three different school schedules posted in her house color coded by person.” She prints out weekly schedules given to her by the school and even sets alarms for every meeting time.

Let alone her excitement Mrs. McLellan didn’t have any experience with any of the sites. In spite of this, she quickly adapted and now even says, “It is pretty easy for the most part.” 

In truth, contacting the students for Mrs. McLellan isn’t difficult either because there are so many ways to contact her students. For example she says, “ either through private message, email, or simply chatting/speaking during the meet.”

 Mrs. McLellan provides a rare perspective on online schooling. She explains that her initial reaction to online teaching was “to stay calm and to have faith in that we will all get through this. Anything new and unknown can be a little scary but it doesn’t always mean that something new isn’t progress. We are all learning and progressing during this time,” Mrs. McLellan beams.