The Election is Over and VHS Students Have an Opinion

Vidali Valdez, News Reporter '24

Vanden high school students give their opinion on the 2020 election. The election is over and many beliefs and points of views on the election have been voiced by politicians or adults, today we focus on student’s from Vanden High School’s views on the election. Each student has a different opinion on the election 

2020 is over along with the election leaving students with mixed emotions, some satisfied with the outcome, others not so much. .” I do not like the results of the election” Jack Narr, a Vanden High School Freshman that supports Trump’s presidency says.Despite not liking the results,  Narr explains that because he is a minor and “[he doesn’t] have taxes and stuff to worry about” the election does not affect him. 

  Oppositely Vanden High School freshman Jackie Rodas said that she was pleased by the election  “Although Bernie Sanders would have been a better candidate than both Trump and Biden, I‘m just happy that Trump did not win the election. Jackie said “but I do believe that it will change my day to day life by reducing the amount of open racism I get as a Latina woman. 

 As for Vanden High School freshman Jayce Stockholm who is a neutral, believed that there was a little bit of favoritism with Biden because of the impeachment issues involving Trump but “we’re going to get a hard negative with each president” Jayce had said “And for daily life I think if we had selected Trump again he would’ve had focused more on our economy but as for Biden he’s a healthcare guy so he’s focusing on Medicare and vaccines.” 

After the election chaos broke loose and a riot happened in the capitol all three students believe that the riots were pointless “I think that is pointless because there is a thing called peaceful protest” Narr had said. Jayce also believed that it was pointless but thought “they could not have handled it differently because there were so many people coming in there was no way or time to contain them so I would’ve just evacuated everyone and shred all the important documents and let them die out like a fire.” Jackie believed that how they handled the riot in the capitol was unfair compared to the peaceful protest of the Black Lives Matter movement “it’s annoying because when the Black lives matter movement took place they used rubber bullets and smoke bombs. It did a lot more damage to people that were actually peacefully protesting.  But then the Trump supporters decided to riot the capitol they didn’t do anything really and there was people taking pictures with the police breaking in and destroying property without barely getting maced.”  

Politics is a big part of a person’s beliefs, so has it ever affected a person’s relationship with a friend or a loved one. Jack said that politics does not have a effect on his life, as for Jackie she disagreed and said “I have personally lost a lot of friends to racism because they supported Trump and they agreed with a lot of the things that Trump has said and I just kind of stopped being friends with them because they were being racist towards different races.”and lastly Jayce has said “No, I really don’t share my political beliefs because I’m a very analytical person and I see both sides of the argument and so people take that as like I’m hating their side so no it has not affected my life in anyways.