How Students’ Health is Affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Ashlyn Wilson, Sports Reporter '24

Due to many people stuck at home during this extended quarantine, many have turned to exercise. Others have already been working out before the pandemic but some have not. Today, the pandemic has affected numerous people’s health. Mental health has also, been a big problem in the United States for students. Students have been stuck at home and not being able to go out like they normally would so they have turned to exercise.Students have been working out and exercising to stay in shape . “Every day since September I have been going on 2–3-mile hikes with my family and cousins,” Alyssa Sanchez says. She also adds, “I have softball two times a week and softball practices and games on the weekend.” These are just a few things a person did to stay fit.

Others across the country have been doing easy exercises you could do at home. They have been doing things such as walking, running, and strength training. The convenience of walking or running around the neighborhood drew many people into utilizing outdoor exercise. Strength training can include additional weights but in the absence of them, doing push-ups, planks, and squats work just as well. Even though people have been working on their physical health, mental health is also an important part of a person’s life. Since the pandemic hit, people’s mental health has faltered.

According to,, “20% of college students say their mental health has worsened…” Many young adults’ health has been affected but so have kids. “Nearly three in 10 (29%) say their child is “already experiencing harm” to their emotional or mental health because of social distancing and closures.” This plays a big part in somebody’s life and this could affect them in the future.

When someone’s mental health is in a bad state, t hey may be vulnerable to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety. this is why it is important to stay both physically and mentally healthy.

Coronavirus has affected many people in a different way but many people have had some good outcomes on families and individuals. Many have resorted to exercising and some have not but it is important to keep your physical and mental health great. Exercising will keep you healthy and will also be better for your mental health. Always make sure you talk to a trusted person about how your feeling to look after your mental health.